Are you breathing intelligently?

Step One: Grab a measuring tape!

Location of Movement (LOM)

Location of Movement (LOM): Where on your body do you feel the most movement when you breathe? What direction is it going in? What sort of a breather are you: Vertical, Horizontal, or a little of both, that is to say a Hybrid? Watch yourself or have someone else look at you. If you are puffing up your chest and shoulders are rising, you are a Vertical. If there is no activation of your neck and upper pecs (you can see this yourself by looking in the mirror) and the only expansion is between your nipples to your hips, you are a Horizontal. Most adults are pure Vertical Breathers or a Hybrid. Few, if any, are pure Horzontal Breathers without training.

Range of Motion (ROM)

Measuring your “excursion” or “respiratory amplitude.” Focus on two numbers: Inhale and note that number, exhale and note that number. It’s as easy as measuring a neck for a shirt, a waist for pants, or chest circumference for a bra. See below for the specifics.
Step One
Find the bottom of your front rib (it should be directly below your nipple).
Step Two
Loop a cloth measuring tape around your body at this place. You might find looking down cumbersome; if so, try doing this in front of a mirror.
Step Three
Holding the tape snug so that it doesn’t droop in the back, take a measurement of the circumference on the inhale.
Step Four
Keeping that tape snug, exhale completely. Take a second measurement.